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UtterBerry is a UK based technology and R&D company and the provider of the UtterBerry smart sensor system. Focused on creating novel and innovative technology to confront the future and develop smarter, more informed and more reactive environments. Whether it be security and crowd monitoring at a sporting venue or sub-millimetre infrastructure sensing on large scale construction sites, UtterBerry’s innovative technology can create a smarter world.

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The UtterBerry Sensor

The UtterBerry Sensor System leads our innovative product line. Made up of a collection of sensors, no bigger than a matchbox, placed throughout a project site the system of sensors communicate amongst themselves with no need for line of sight.

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The system relays all of the data collected to a basestation which in turn relays the data to our utterberry.io portal through our patented UtterBerry blockchain for secure and safe data collection and transfer.

UtterBerry Sensors
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
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AI & Machine Learning

The UtterBerry Sensor has onboard artificial intelligence and machine learning, allowing them to not only communicate with each other with ease, but also learn as each project advances.

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The AI and ML work together to generate an understanding of the environment that is unparalleled in other sensing solutions and forms the backbone of the UtterBerry sensors unique abilities and unrivalled sensing capabilities.

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The utterberry.io portal allows the data that the sensor system collects to be viewed, interacted with and independently active.

Utilising custom 3D models that allow users to more accurate envision the measurements the sensors are receiving we can provide accurate visual information reflecting the situation on site.

This same portal can be used to set up alerts for relevant personnel, if any unexpected issues arise an alert can be sent instantly to all those who require the information, allowing for time and money to be saved.

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The Company
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The company is based in London where it designs and develops its own hardware and software technologies, along with a new development in Leeds, housing our Manufacturing & Innovation hub.

Its Smart sensors are all manufactured within the UK and exported throughout the world for a large range of projects.

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Founder & CEO

UtterBerry was founded in 2013 by Heba Bevan as a spin-out from Cambridge University. Heba attended The University of Cambridge to do her PhD in low power wireless sensor networks, it was during her PhD that Heba founded UtterBerry.

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Today, Heba now has multiple patents to her name in a wide range of fields from manufacturing and engineering to medicine and sensing.

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