The UtterBerry™ System consists of a collection of miniature, artificially intelligent, ultra-low power sensors.

These wireless sensors self-calibrate to form a mesh network and relay data between each other, working as a family of sensors in any particular area. They do not require line of sight between each other.

For real-time remote access to the sensor data, the sensors are supported by a Base Station providing connectivity to the Internet or Local Network.



“Not only is the UtterBerry™ 100% remote but it uses almost no power, is very robust, highly accurate and was cheaper than both the traditional alternatives and new technologies. There’s no doubt it could be used in many different applications in the construction industry.”

Nigel Marsh
Land and Engineer Surveyor Manager, Costain

The UtterBerry™ Smart Sensor is specifically designed for smart infrastructure.  This miniature ultra-low power wireless technology provides intelligent Big Data with unrivalled precision.

The patented in-built artificial intelligence and machine learning capability enable the UtterBerry™ system to form the core technology required to build Smart Cities and IoT devices.

UtterBerry™ operates across a vast number of platforms ranging from Smart Tunnels, Construction, Smart Hospitals, Smart Bridges, Smart Devices, Crowd Sensing, Smart Industry, Smart Agriculture, Smart Trains, Smart Rail and Underground Networks, Smart Buildings and Smart Roads.

UtterBerry™ is working with its partners to provide bespoke mass sensing networks throughout their infrastructure, that enables accurate, real-time data analysis.