Structure Applications

The UtterBerry Smart Sensor System can be used to accurately and reliably monitor structural integrities. Physical phenomena such as vibration, tilt, and displacement can be measured down to a sub-millimetre level, ensuring that even the smallest movements are detected. The integrated Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms can use existing data to predict future events, allowing time to mitigate said events.

Bridge Monitoring



UtterBerry’s infrastructure monitoring capabilities can be carried over to bridges and other similar structures. The same highly accurate and reliable sub-millimetre readings can be provided by the sensors to detect changes in displacement, vibration and other physical attributes.

The system will utilise the patented Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to predict if and when a physical change may occur to a structure, giving builders and engineers time to prepare for the event. 


Existing Projects

With increasing pressure on London’s existing sewage system, an update to its infrastructure has to be made. UtterBerry is working alongside companies such as Thames Water and Tideway in the construction of  this new network. UtterBerry’s involvement in this project is twofold; to prevent costly damage being caused to some of London’s most cherished landmarks such as Tower Bridge, and to reinforce personal safety for everyone. The Smart Sensor System takes into account and records physical effects caused by tide behaviour and load from traffic. The system’s onboard Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning analyse this data to predict upcoming events, keeping users informed on the future integrity of each structure.

Existing Projects

A video displaying the locations of existing UtterBerry Smart System installations


Thank you to everyone that has decided to work with us on these projects