Sports Applications

Alongside concerns surrounding citizen safety, environmental conditions, and structure longevity, UtterBerry Smart Sensor Systems can be applied within many forms of situation that are encompassed within the world of sport.


The UtterBerry Smart Sensor System can be applied to many scenarios other than infrastructure and construction. The system can be used to accurately measure athlete biomechanics and equipment trajectory, speed and impact to gain an understanding on what is affecting performance.

The system can also be used to enhance customer experience at sports events. Improvements to security in tandem with reduced wait times at an event entrance can be achieved with an installed system by detecting authorised ‘smart badges’ on the guest’s person. The same ‘smart badges’ can be used to help staff to keep track of how many people are at the event so health and safety protocols can be followed.

Equipment Tracking

UtterBerry sensors can be used to upgrade sporting equipment and supplement coaching techniques. Sensors embedded within sporting equipment can be used to measure physical effects such as shock, swing speed, direction, ball travel and more. The readings can then be analysed by coaches for comparison to player performance to easily identify what can be improved in their technique.

Biomechanics Tracking

The UtterBerry sensors can used to monitor biomechanics. Analysing an athlete’s biomechanical activity can provide a clear insight into the efficiency of athletes movement and the impact it is having on their body. This added level of analysis can work alongside traditional methods to bring forth quicker refinements in technique to help an athlete improve their performance in a shorter period of time.

Crowd Behaviour

The UtterBerry System can be used by event management teams to monitor and analyse crowd behaviour. Installed sensors can count the number of people entering and exiting a venue at any one time, and can determine where they are at different points during the day.

Event management teams can use this information to decide where best to allocate staff and resources to ensure everyone has the best experience possible.

Event Security

The UtterBerry System can be adapted to enhance existing security system at sports events. By using a custom UtterBerry Smart Pass, wait times can be reduced significantly and existing security measures can be made more secure, improving the experience for guests and staff alike.

Existing Projects

Ascot Racecourse

UtterBerry has been working closely with Ascot Racecourse to bring a safer and more seamless experience to customers. A smart chip embedded within the traditional Ascot entry badges, which barely increased their size, worked to differentiate between authorised and unauthorised individuals when entering the venue.

Dragons Rugby

UtterBerry’s latest venture in the sporting world has seen a partnership with Dragons Rugby to increase public safety in light of the Covid-19 outbreak. UtterBerry’s Multi-Symptom Scanner has been installed at Dragons Rugby grounds to detect signs of Covid-19 infections in both guests and staff.


A video showcasing an UtterBerry Smart Sensor System monitoring people numbers, crowd behaviour, and environmental factors.

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