UtterBerry™ is small, compact and equipped with a live feed sensor to detect a wide variety of immediate environmental changes. Unnoticeable to the public eye, this valuable source of data increases health and safety from all angles.

UtterBerry™ is constructed of a durable waterproof casing designed to survive the harshest of environments, a 230mAh lithium battery, multi-layered board, 100% remote UtterBerry™ Sensor System and light-weight design with no sharp edges to ensure easy installation.

Technical Specifications

UtterBerry™ is no bigger than a matchbox.

Dimensions (millimetres): 31 x 56 x 15

Total Weight (grams): 15

Battery Life (years): 1 – 3 depending upon use

Waterproof: IP68 rating

Real Time Movement Capabilities

– Displacement (x,y,z) to sub-millimetre accuracy

– Peak-to-peak velocity (x,y,z)

– Tilt

– Acceleration (x,y,z)

Real Time Environmental Capabilities

– Temperature

– Humidity

– Pressure

– Luminosity

Leak Detection Capabilities

– Fluid flow

– Leak detection

– Leak prediction

Crowd Sensing Capabilities

– Sense and count

– Differentiate animals, humans, and vehicles