Security Applications

UtterBerry’s ethos on personal safety is reflected through ventures in the security sector. The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms have been adapted to keep public areas secure and free of danger.

Project TIGER marks UtterBerry’s first venture into the security sector. By using UtterBerry’s Smart Sensor System and the patented Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, UtterBerry has been able to bring a safer and more efficient process to airport security.




UtterHealth aims to revolutionise current medical procedures by eliminating the need to physically visit a GP and collect prescriptions. With this app, symptoms can be assessed and diagnosed by a doctor, and a prescription can be delivered to the patient, all within the comfort of their own home.


UtterHealth is active 100% of the time, so you will always have access to medical help and your prescription delivery statuses.

UtterHealth will use the full power of UtterBerry’s patented Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to ensure you receive the best experience. Always.

Its as simple as signing in, contacting your GP and receiving your prescription, all from the comfort of your own home.

UtterBerry Health Checks

UtterBerry Health Checks

UtterBerry Health Check aims to keep the masses healthy by automatically reading an individual’s body temperature and determining wether they have a fever or not. With this system in place, the public can be confident that they won’t catch an illness when they are out and about.

This will be achieved by installing UtterBerry Smart Sensors into the entrances and doorways of any area accessible by the public. These will include entrances to shops, restaurants, underground stations etc.


Infrared Smart Sensors will be in operation around the clock to read, analyse and detect an individual with a high temperature.

UtterBerry’s patented AI and ML algorithms will be put to full use in the deployment of UtterBerry Health Check systems so the system remains as reliable and accurate as possible.

UtterBerry Fire Prevention will report abnormal moisture and temperature readings immediately so the relevant personnel can take action if needed.

Health Check Example

Example of a tube barrier with a built in body temperature reader. If a high temperature is detected, that individual will receive help from the relevant staff members.

UtterBerry Fire Prevention

UtterBerry Fire Prevention

In light of the recent Australian bush fire crisis, UtterBerry will provide preventative measures to stop bush fires from becoming uncontrollable and dangerous to both humans and wildlife. Strategically embedding UtterBerry Smart Sensors that are capable of monitoring temperature and moisture within trees will help prevent fires from spreading across kilometres of land. UtterBerry’s ethos lies within personal safety for all forms of life and this will be reflected in the deployment of UtterBerry Fire Prevention.


UtterBerry Fire Prevention will remain active 100% of the time to prevent the spread of bush fires in areas with hot climates.

UtterBerry Fire Prevention will learn and grow more effective over time with use of the patented AI and ML algorithms.

UtterBerry Fire Prevention will report abnormal moisture and temperature readings immediately so the relevant personnel can take action if needed.

Fire Prevention Diagram

UtterBerry Smart Sensors are embedded within trees every 100m. These sensors can detect the temperature and moisture of that tree. When a fire spreads abnormal levels will be detected, so an alert is sent to the right personnel who will then take action.



UtterBerry also branches into the education sector via links with Cambridge University and other schools dotted around the UK. UtterBerry founder and CEO Heba Bevan is an alumni of Cambridge University, placing the company’s roots deep within the establishment. Each year, a small number of Cambridge Undergraduates are accepted for a paid internship to flex their skills in hardware engineering or software development under the UtterBerry banner, providing the experience they need to lead a successful career after graduation.

Other Academic Institutions

UtterBerry has also been associated with many other Universities within the UK alongside Cambridge, reaching out to the north with establishments such as Leeds and York, and out to the west with the Universities of Cardiff and Swansea. In addition, UtterBerry has worked with The Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.

UtterBerry also branches into secondary education with schools from the Lewisham, Bromley and Cambridgeshire areas.

If you would like to become an UtterBerry partner, click here to access our contact page.

Partnered Institutions


The UtterBerry™ System consists of a collection of miniature, artificially intelligent, ultra-low power sensors.

These wireless sensors self-calibrate to form a mesh network and relay data between each other, working as a family of sensors in any particular area. They do not require line of sight between each other.

For real-time remote access to the sensor data, the sensors are supported by a Base Station providing connectivity to the Internet or Local Network.



“Not only is the UtterBerry™ 100% remote but it uses almost no power, is very robust, highly accurate and was cheaper than both the traditional alternatives and new technologies. There’s no doubt it could be used in many different applications in the construction industry.”

Nigel Marsh
Land and Engineer Surveyor Manager, Costain

The UtterBerry™ Smart Sensor is specifically designed for smart infrastructure.  This miniature ultra-low power wireless technology provides intelligent Big Data with unrivalled precision.

The patented in-built artificial intelligence and machine learning capability enable the UtterBerry™ system to form the core technology required to build Smart Cities and IoT devices.

UtterBerry™ operates across a vast number of platforms ranging from Smart Tunnels, Construction, Smart Hospitals, Smart Bridges, Smart Devices, Crowd Sensing, Smart Industry, Smart Agriculture, Smart Trains, Smart Rail and Underground Networks, Smart Buildings and Smart Roads.

UtterBerry™ is working with its partners to provide bespoke mass sensing networks throughout their infrastructure, that enables accurate, real-time data analysis.