UtterBerry Health Checks

UtterBerry Health Check aims to keep the masses healthy by automatically reading an individual’s body temperature and determining wether they have a fever or not. With this system in place, the public can be confident that they won’t catch an illness when they are out and about.

This will be achieved by installing UtterBerry Smart Sensors into the entrances and doorways of any area accessible by the public. These will include entrances to shops, restaurants, underground stations etc.


Infrared Smart Sensors will be in operation around the clock to read, analyse and detect an individual with a high temperature.

UtterBerry’s patented AI and ML algorithms will be put to full use in the deployment of UtterBerry Health Check systems so the system remains as reliable and accurate as possible.

UtterBerry Fire Prevention will report abnormal moisture and temperature readings immediately so the relevant personnel can take action if needed.

Health Check Example

Example of a tube barrier with a built in body temperature reader. If a high temperature is detected, that individual will receive help from the relevant staff members.