UtterBerry Fire Prevention

In light of the recent Australian bush fire crisis, UtterBerry will provide preventative measures to stop bush fires from becoming uncontrollable and dangerous to both humans and wildlife. Strategically embedding UtterBerry Smart Sensors that are capable of monitoring temperature and moisture within trees will help prevent fires from spreading across kilometres of land. UtterBerry’s ethos lies within personal safety for all forms of life and this will be reflected in the deployment of UtterBerry Fire Prevention.


UtterBerry Fire Prevention will remain active 100% of the time to prevent the spread of bush fires in areas with hot climates.

UtterBerry Fire Prevention will learn and grow more effective over time with use of the patented AI and ML algorithms.

UtterBerry Fire Prevention will report abnormal moisture and temperature readings immediately so the relevant personnel can take action if needed.

Fire Prevention Diagram

UtterBerry Smart Sensors are embedded within trees every 100m. These sensors can detect the temperature and moisture of that tree. When a fire spreads abnormal levels will be detected, so an alert is sent to the right personnel who will then take action.