UtterBerry also branches into the education sector via links with Cambridge University and other schools dotted around the UK. UtterBerry founder and CEO Heba Bevan is an alumni of Cambridge University, placing the company’s roots deep within the establishment. Each year, a small number of Cambridge Undergraduates are accepted for a paid internship to flex their skills in hardware engineering or software development under the UtterBerry banner, providing the experience they need to lead a successful career after graduation.

Other Academic Institutions

UtterBerry has also been associated with many other Universities within the UK alongside Cambridge, reaching out to the north with establishments such as Leeds and York, and out to the west with the Universities of Cardiff and Swansea. In addition, UtterBerry has worked with The Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.

UtterBerry also branches into secondary education with schools from the Lewisham, Bromley and Cambridgeshire areas.

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Partnered Institutions